Consulting Sexologist Still a Taboo?

Sex, itself, is a therapy! It is an ongoing therapy, in the lives of males and females which induces perpetual soothing and rejuvenation. Human beings are dragged into the magical halo of sex. It prompts them to live a happy and contented life, by providing happy mental and physical tidings. But what happens, if the couples fail in their sexual life? Whatever be the reasons, the result is perpetual disillusionment and sorrow. Moreover, it widens the gap between relations and thrashes into a pit of estrangement. Failure in sex can be mainly the result of men’s sexual disorders. They play a drastic role in shattering sexual dreams. But how can we get over these sexual issues? To whom we will consult? Who’s the Best Sexologist in Kerala?
best sexologist in Kerala

Before that, it is indispensable to know about the common sexual disorders happening to men. They are

Several advertisements are galloping everywhere, which assert to have a permanent solution for these issues. Also, we can see the details of a lot of libidos, that boast to boost sexual power in men. But these are of no use. Here we need the service of an expert sexologist, who is qualified and who has a backing of knowledge. 

Consulting a Sexologist is still taboo in our society. But, value your sexual health and consult a sexologist asap, if you face any sexual issues. 

Dr. Althaf Ibrahem Rana, The Best Sexologist in Kerala

Dr. Althaf Ibrahem Rana of Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall is the most seasoned and the most diligent sexologist in our country, who is a university-qualified Unani doctor, specialized in the sexual well-being of people. Apart from his qualification, he is backed by the legacy of his legendary family of Unani physicians, who trace back their lineage from the cluster of Hakims of the kings’ courts. They hold vehement knowledge in Unani and Ayurveda and specialized know-how in treating sexual disorders. They delved deep into the knowledge, embedded in Unani and Ayurveda texts and formulated special herbal treatments for every sexual dysfunction. And, now in this modern age, Dr. Althaf, the Best Sexologist in Kerala, clubbed that inherited knowledge with state-of-the-art infrastructure and scientific execution to deliver the most appropriate results and permanent healing.

Dr. Althaf initiates customized treatment, with the aid of detailed consultation, paramedical tests, and herbal medical administration for each of the sexual diseases. To get rid of the psychological reasons behind the sexual calamities, he conducts counseling sessions, that too are customized. Dr. Althaf is an expert in counseling therapy and reads the gloomy minds of the patients, to sort out the sexual issues.

Moreover, he is a promulgator of Hijama treatment, described in holy books, which imparts the patients with rejuvenation and health. 

Dr. Rana's Medical Hall

Dr. Althaf Ibrahem Rana is aided by a galaxy of herbal clinics with expert co-doctors, having their corporate office in Kochi and branches in Kottayam, Thrissur, Alappuzha, Angamaly, etc. In addition to that, they have a dedicated online consultation worldwide. Sexually alarmed patients, around the globe, find their permanent and lasting hope in Dr. Althaf Ibrahem Rana and Dr. Rana’s Medical Hall.

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