Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Best SEO Service in Kochi

SEO magnifies the ranking of a website to alluring heights, turning the brand and business, into a pool of high revenue. We, Iris Q Technologies, the best SEO Service based in Kochi, patents your dream of achieving high volume business through skillful and efficacious Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making your site smart enough to rank it to the top position, by optimizing the quality and quantity of the contents and attributes of the website. 

We, Iris Q Technologies, a top-rated SEO Service in Kochi provide the best and most effective search engine optimization strategies.

It includes different techniques and tactics like,

Best SEO Service in Kochi


  • Creating a marketing Strategy
  • Promoting High ranking Keywords 
  • Creating High-Quality Optimized Contents
  • Creating optImized URL


  • High-quality Backlinks
  • Local Listings
  • Blogs & Articles etc
  • Social Networking


  • Website and server optimization
  • Website audits and analytics


  • Ensures high ranking visibility
  • Generates Organic traffic to the website
  • Generating Leads and conversions

What’s the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing?

When a person searches for something in search engines like Google, the Search engine results page (SERP) will list the best answers or results for his query.

If a prospective customer searches for a product or service you are dealing with, your brand needs to get ranked in the top list of the search engine results page. SEO helps you to manifest that.

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For instance, if you are dealing with an automobile company and a potential customer searches for the same, your brand needs to appear at the top of the search list. What -if you appear in the 40th position? The chance of that potential customer noticing you and buying your brand or availing of your service is very meager or rather NIL. Instead, they would rather fall in and buy a brand or service which is listed in the top ranking.

Benefits of Best SEO Service

  • SEO establishes and maintains brand awareness

  • It refreshes and improves the website user’s experience.

  • SEO builds the nonassessable authority of the brand.

  • By increasing the exposure of your company, SEO builds up and increases your organic web traffic thereby increasing the sales.

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What is Local SEO?

If a person is searching for a restaurant or a flat or an insurance company,  what they look is is a brand or a service that they get from their locality.

So nowadays local SEO is of great importance to building and increasing organic traffic to your website.
Availability of a brand locally is another significant method of purchasing.

People use even use mobile phones to search for brands and services around them locally.

Here the customer’s intention is the availability of the best brand and the availability within his reach.

So a Digital Marketing company is supposed to enrich search engines with local SEO, which is of great importance to building increased organic traffic to the brand’s website.

Clear Your Doubts -FAQ

Best SEO Service in Kochi

Startups need a proclamation! what better way than a digital one. 

From presence to a performance they need a strong online digital presence. SEO detects and executes the strategy that brings the right kind of traffic to the website. It ensures more profit, revenue, branding,  higher customer loyalty, ultimately bringing in booming business longevity.

An SEO is the process of making your pages in website rank higher in search engines like Google. So when a customer searches a product or services that you offer, you will appear on the top position of search.

Even a  profitable existing business become static in due course of time but through New age digital marketing, we can lift the business to the brim of profit and productivity.

Keywords give the search engines an  idea about your content. So when a person searches anything related to that , there is a high possibility of showing your content in that search.

By optimizing your keywords and contents you can rank high on search engines like Google.

Back links are the hyperlinks that we get from other websites to our own. Link building , if done properly and carefully, increases the authority of your website and helps to rank your pages or website in top position of  the search. Link building is a marketing strategy of SEO, to make websites to get online visibility in Search engines like Google.

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